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Using Saw Palmetto For acne patients

Acne is one of the most common and difficult skin conditions that people of all ages have to deal with. Acne damages the outlook of the skin and can cause many effects, including low self esteem. People suffering from a form of acne often try many solutions, to deal with the acne. Whereas some medications, may promise excellent results few actually work. Saw Palmetto is a herb that has recently taken control of the market, with its great cures. This is actually the one medication in the market that seems to be working and to be working well. The results have been tested and proved to be sustainable.  

Because of its high natural content and concentration, the medication works well with oily skin. Unlike other chemical based, medications which instead of making the condition better often make it worse, reacting negatively with the natural body composition; the Saw Palmetto for acne is based on natural ingredients whose strength is enhanced in the manufacture. It is almost like taking supplements that are designed for dealing with acne. The natural ingredients naturally open the pores that cause the pimples of acne to appear naturally smoothing the skin.

 The flavanoid in the saw palmetto, as shown and proven by the University of Maryland,helps in managing the acne. Exposure to flavanoid, and polysaccharides a combination that is present in the medication has been credited for much smoother skin. Researchers found that this is the most natural and effective way of dealing with hormonal dysfunctions. Hormonal acne is a common cause of skin ailment not in women but men also. Increases of DHT, dihydrotestosterone cause the pores of the skin to become congested with toxins which in turn causes severe acne. Saw Palmetto directly reduces the manufacture of dihydrotestorerone in your body, and keeps a healthy level of testosterone. 


For saw palmetto to work well, there must be a proper sue of the drug. Many of the people just begin to take the drug, without considering the dosage and careful diet that must be put together. It is important to go through a doctor, especially a skin specialist who understands the basics. After a proper and intensive check up, you can get a proper prescription and supporting medications and begin taking the medications. 

In adults the dosage, is quite different from that of children below the age of a18 years. To work properly, in adults, the dosage is taken mostly in form of teas as recommended by doctors and medical professionals. The recommended dosage is 320 milligrams, for an adults, although the same is flexible depending on the health and physical state of the individual. 

People suffering from acne no longer need to suffer the painful pimples or try several remedies, many of which are distributed by unscrupulous individuals who do not have the interest of the patients at heart. The Saw Palmetto comes highly recommend and backed by strong research. There are several testimonials from people especially individuals suffering from chronic hormonal asthma, showing significant difference and being cured within the shortest time. stock image

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